Meeting You Where You Are

Our mission is to care for you wherever you are. Both in location, and in life. We believe that choice, access, and relationship with your doctor matters to your wellness.

We Are Always Here

And we’ll meet you right where you are.

The best healthcare is delivered through a personal relationship with your doctor, in rhythm with your daily life. This isn’t a rotating queue of next-on-the-list doctors. It’s you and your personal doctor, one-on-one, through text, video chat, email, and any other virtual means necessary.

We Are Clear and Truthful

Your chosen doctor is part of Physicians United because they want to work with you directly. By building a personal relationship with you, they can give you the care that you need, clear pricing ahead of time, and affordable options. Here, you don’t have to worry about insurance, networks, deductibles, or anything else that may be standing between you and your health.

We Are in It for You

We got into medicine to help people – people just like you – get and stay healthy so that they can live rich and robust lives. Here, you’ll find a go-to place to access all of your documents, talk to your doctor directly, and bypass all the middlemen. Plus, you can use your membership as much as you want.

As Doctors,
We Are Dedicated to Your Care

Physicians United supports a broad network of doctors from top schools and residencies around the country who have come together to serve patients directly.

We doctors have united to form a team to support you. Driven by our oath to care for patients, we are leaders in the movement to return the doctor-patient relationship to the heart of medicine. We are all US licensed and board-certified, accomplished and experienced, and dedicated to giving you the excellence you deserve.

Rooted care, from anywhere

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