Great employees deserve Great benefits

Give them access to primary care, mental health care, and specialists. Deliver abundant care while stabilizing costs.

They win. You win. All good.

One flat fee that’s predictable, stable, and transparent. Employees get unlimited access to relationship-based care with the physician of their choosing – on their terms and on their schedule. With a cost-stable, relationship-driven care model in place, high-cost care methods like emergency room and urgent care visits are kept at bay.

Innovation for Employee Health.

Employees shouldn’t have to sift through barriers to get the care they need. And employers shouldn’t be footing the (ever-increasing) bill for care that their employees struggle to access in a meaningful way. It’s time to make our health plans perform for employees and employers alike. Our membership-based model stands alone, but can be paired with any health plan. Employees can easily access and get the care they need - regardless of their physical location.



Highest Level of Care

Connection means something. Our network of doctors get to know each individual and advocate for their health. They get to speak with a physician – their personal physician – every time.

Better Employee Access

Our model means your people can count on access to care, from anywhere, even when they travel for work. Same doctor, every time.

Improved Recruitment & Retention

Happy, healthy employees stick around. Better options attract new hires. It’s that simple.

Cost-Control & Predictability

Better access to quality care means employees are less likely to drive up out-of-network and emergency claims.

True Transparency

You and your employees will know exactly what care is offered – and the cost – before committing.

Nationwide Footprint

We have doctors in nearly all 50 states. So wherever your remote employees are working from, you can provide them the care they need, locally.

Patient Experience

Traditional Healthcare

  • Don't know where to go
  • Cost barrier
  • Must be an educated consumer to understand your plan

Physicians United

  • Just go straight to the doctor
  • Set monthly membership fee
  • Find us immediately

Robust Care, from Anywhere

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