Who is Physicians United for?

Any person living in the US or on US soil abroad (e.g. embassies, military bases, territories). At this time we are unable to accept patients on Medicare, but that will be changing shortly.

Where is Physicians United available?

Nearly all 50 states. We’re still building up in RI, NH, VT, and WV, MT, SD and will add them shortly. If you’re there and needing something, let us know and we’ll bump it up on our to-do list.

What if a specialist is not available in my state?

If you see a primary care doctor in your state, they can consult an out-of-state specialist for you. In that case, they will present your case and get recommendations for how it should be handled. Then you and your primary care doctor can work together on implementing those recommendations. This is a great work-around that allows you to get an expert opinion quickly.

How is this different from all the other telemedicine services?

Having a home-base for your health gets you the best possible medical care. Therefore, we structured this service to achieve best results for you. Other telemedicine services either offer just urgent care with a doctor who you don’t know and who doesn’t know you. Sometimes, you do not even see a doctor at all. We set you up with a doctor you trust who you can contact whenever you need. We do not handle just one isolated problem, but rather we see you as a whole person and you can get all your care in one place.

What is included in my membership?

Becoming a member of a doctor’s practice gives you access to them directly — you get your own personal physician. You can message them when convenient, and they will write you back. You can set phone or video appointments with them as needed. There are no secretaries or intermediaries, just you and your doctor. You can get your prescriptions regularly without worrying whether they will be refilled, and you can get work notes and quick-sick appointments without taking a day off or and sitting in an urgent care. It is the way medicine is supposed to be, with you at the center.

What is not included in my membership?

Your membership includes whatever care can happen safely by telemedicine between your doctor and you. It gives you the security of a medical home. Common things not included with this are medications, labs, imaging, specialty consultations, procedures and surgeries, and hospitalizations. We recommend you get insurance if you can in order to cover these unexpected needs, but we understand that is not always possible and meet you wherever you are in life right now to help you navigate the system.

Will I see the same doctor every time?

Yes, that is the goal! We believe in building strong doctor-patient relationships. When you opt for a membership, your doctor will make it their priority to get to know you and advocate for your health. Occasionally, they may take vacation or holiday time and will have someone to cover for them (they are people too, after all) but this will be an exception.

Who are the doctors on the platform?

All physicians in the Physicians United network are licensed and board-certified US doctors. They are generalist and specialist doctors who are graduates of prominent medical training programs, have several years experience, and have gathered here to reach beyond the barriers imposed by traditional healthcare and to serve you personally. You will only see a doctor — no nurses or paramedical professionals — to ensure you get top level care.

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