Relationship Matters

We’ve dedicated our lives to this, and your health is at the center of it all. Choose a doctor that fits you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Great Healthcare Is Personal

Because how can you expect great ongoing care from a revolving door of strangers? Building a relationship with a doctor and practice that fit you – and actually get to know you personally – is what we’re all about.

This isn’t a telemedicine spin-the-wheel situation. You can expect consistent care
from the doctor you’ve chosen, every time.

Let’s get started.

Choose Your Doctor

Search by doctor, specialty or ailment, and choose the physician who is right for you.

Select Your Care Path

Our patients have the highest levels of success when they’re in an ongoing relationship with their chosen provider through our membership options. One-time visits are also available.

Schedule Your Virtual Appointment

Set up your initial video visit with your doctor. Once you join a practice, you can message, call or video chat directly, as often as you need. At no extra cost.

Start Receiving Care

From a doctor that invests in you and believes in communication and connection. Together, you can expand your care team to include specialists as needed.

Our Benefits

No insurance needed

You read that right. Our doctors work directly with patients regardless of insurance status. Wildly enough, we believe everyone deserves access to quality care.

Transparent pricing

Surprise bills? No thanks. Our doctors provide pricing before you join their practice. Memberships are always a flat monthly or annual rate. Labs and medications are extra, but you’ll know prices in advance.

Same-day scheduling

Say goodbye to the scheduling runaround. In many cases, you can get a same-day or next-day virtual visit set up with your doctor.

Virtual visits

Ditch the commute. Thanks to a combo of reviewing things like your medical history, physical appearance, labs and imaging, your doctor can provide upwards of 90% of your care virtually.

Easy labs and tests

Your doc sends an order to a lab near you. Your results appear in your handy online record. And you get to discuss them with your doc from the comfort of anywhere.

No-fuss prescriptions

New meds or ongoing, your doctor will send your prescriptions to a local pharmacy of your choice. Not to mention we offer monthly refills to make life easier, so you never miss a dose.