Your practice,
your way

Finally, medicine on your own terms. Join the movement to claim your autonomy. Bring the doctor-patient relationship back to the heart of medicine.

By Doctors, For Doctors

Physicians United is founded by doctors, for doctors, with no outside interests to tell us how to practice. The goal is to combat burnout and return US doctors’ autonomy, flexibility, and freedom, and to reclaim our power in directing excellent patient care.

This group is US-licensed physicians (MD or DO) only. This group does not employ or manage physicians, rather supports doctors’ establishment of their own independent primary and specialty direct care
tele-practices. Here, you have a voice. We are all in this together.

Physician Benefits


Set your schedule, scope, and fees. Live where you want. Build a panel of your own. Practice excellent patient-centered medicine and still find the balance in life that you need. Doctors are people too, and we deserve the space to find some real self-care.


We are so accustomed to being employees that the step into independence can be scary. But you are not doing it alone. Physicians United provides everything you need to practice: a secure EMR, e-prescribing and lab ordering, payment directly into your account, malpractice insurance, legal advice and contracts, a website and marketing. You do the medicine.


No one wants to practice alone. We need each other’s expertise; our patients need a primary care home and referrals to specialists. As a cooperative network of independent physicians, we can cross-consult and refer. We can transcend barriers and work directly with our patients and each other to ensure our patients get the best care. Because medicine is a team sport.


Doctors are so done with being undervalued. We lack clarity with the details of reimbursement, and we have no control over it. Here, we are an open book. You set your pricing and can always see and manage your account. No unwelcome contract surprises, no non-competes. We are physicians ourselves and wrote the contracts with that in mind.

How it works

Physicians United is no-insurance, direct-pay only for the patient. Patients choose their physician based on specialty, state, or personal factors. They sign up for monthly memberships to your individual practice, according to the model of direct primary/specialty care. You take care of them synchronously (video or telephone visit) or asynchronously (messages or texts in the EMR) as much or as little as they need for the duration of their membership.

Physicians United is comprised of both primary care doctors and specialists, which enables a cross-referral network. Specialists may choose to build their own panel of those patients needing chronic care, or serve as a consultant or second opinion for patients. There is also the option of peer-to-peer consultation for primary care doctors. If you are not familiar with the direct care model, we welcome you to look up DPC or DSC and understand how this is working to return autonomy to thousands of doctors across the country.

Direct care telemedicine can be critical in addressing barriers to access for patients. Barriers like time-restraints, geographic access, insurance status, and more shouldn’t inhibit patient care. Just because a patient can’t take off work to go to the doctor, doesn’t have a specialist in their area, or lacks insurance coverage doesn’t mean they should have to sacrifice care. Physicians United can connect patients with a doctor to get them the care they need.

There is no cost for physicians to join.

In line with our commitment to complete transparency, we have set up a system where physicians chip into the pool (used to pay for physician services) in accordance with their panel size and earnings. Seventy-five percent of physicians earnings are retained by the doctor, unlike other companies which take the lion’s share and pay out a small fee to doctors.

The rest is pooled and used to pay practice overhead, including:
  • Secure EMR (HIPAA compliant), E-prescribing and Lab ordering
  • Payment collection/direct deposit into doctors’ accounts
  • Malpractice Insurance (group coverage)
  • Legal advice and contracts
  • Tools and solutions to support physician practice
  • Website and Marketing

What We Believe

A physician collaboration has the potential to create a health ecosystem unencumbered by middlemen and corporate interests, which returns the patient-physician relationship to the center. It can provide affordable care for millions that are underinsured or lack coverage all together.

Creating a like-minded physician community fosters connection, provides opportunities for sharing resources and best practices, and empowers physicians to reclaim power and improve our profession.

What our physicians are saying

“My daughter wants to be a physician and I hate to think of her going through the hardest, most competitive pathway only to be handed all the responsibility for patient care and no true authority in the current healthcare situation. I am so glad to be able to do my small part in the great vision that is Physicians United.”

Dr. N, Family Practice